Ludovic Verbeeck

Project Manager


Design isn't just about making things beautiful; it's also about making things work beautifully.

– Roger Martin

Ludovic lives for great technology. He is the studio’s creative tech-savvy who overlooks our digital marketing solutions.


Prior to joining Crealys, Ludovic was a project manager at Wigroup, a Cape Town based leading technology provider for mobile marketing strategies, and was in charge of the company’s business expansion across the Indian Ocean. His passion for digital art and design led Ludovic towards Crealys where he developed a strong interest for branding and visualisation arts. His professional background, constant curiosity and natural ability to appreciate new technologies allow Ludovic to be in sync with cutting-edge digital marketing trends and techniques.


When he is not in the office, Ludovic is seeking for thrilling experiences, cruising around the island on his bike or kitesurfing with his friends on a windy day.




French & English



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