Nathalie SEENYEN

Project Manager


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

– John Ruskin

With the belief that greatness can be achieved with passion and strong commitment, Nathalie’s dedication and resourcefulness always put her one step ahead. She has lived in the United Kingdom for over 12 years, fluently speaks English and French, holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Manchester and has a background in copywriting. As our project manager, Nathalie plans for successful and high quality services and products in order to deliver on the promise of any brand. She is a proficient decision maker with control over every aspect of a project. To ensure client’s needs are met, Nathalie not only liaises with the different parties involved on specific projects but also masters the ins and outs of printing techniques and tailors solutions with the finest printing specialists of the island. She also oversees all copywriting marketing materials so that messages are clear and coherent throughout campaigns. In her leisure time, Nathalie enjoys song-writing for EDM producers and jamming with local musicians.




French & English



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